Raising African Nightcrawlers

The Best Worm For Composting, Fishing And Worm Castings Production!

The Worm Guy Reveals How To Reproduce And Grow African Nightcrawlers Faster With His Secret Techniques!

From: Bruce Galle
The Worm Guy
Friday 02:00:27 AM

Dear Friend and Business Owner,

Many have never even heard of the African nightcrawlers since only a handful of worm farms actually raise these worms. The reason being most folks think this worm takes way to long to reproduce and grow out to as long as eight inches or longer!

I started with 6,000 small African nightcrawlers and within three months time ended up with 200,000 African nightcrawlers using the same exact methods outlined within this book.

African Nightcrawler Worm Bins
One of Three Plus Isles Produced From 6,000 Worms in Just 90 Days


How Is This Possible !

I have said for years that by raising African nightcrawlers under the correct conditions they will devour more food, pound for pound than any other worm I have raised.

While others who are unfamiliar with raising African nightcrawlers are fast to push red wigglers as a pound of wigglers can consume half a pound of food each day, the African nightcrawlers can eat 4 to 5 times this amount under the right conditions. Yes we have one pound of them eating as much as 2.42 pounds of material each and every day!


Bruce Galle
The Worm Guy

The Worm Guy

Bruce started raising worms for his personal fishing needs over 30 years ago. Since then he has expanded by raising red wigglers, African nightcrawlers, European nightcrawlers, Canadian nightcrawlers and Alabama Jumpers in controlled environments to insure the best quality worms and worm castings.. He has studied there behaviors in their natural environments so as to learn and apply in controlled environments.


The Worm Guy is the author of several several books including the Best Selling Book on Worm Castings, 14 Day Worm Castings and Raising Red Wigglers. He is also referred to by many in the industry as "The Worm Expert". He is the only worm farmer in the USA to succesfully raise and reproduce over five species of worms!


What Others Have Said...


"Very good book a must have for anyone AAA+++++++!"

Brian Speed ~ WA


In the world of earthworms, there is perhaps no one more knowledgeable than South Carolina’s  “Worm Expert” Bruce Galle...

... Master Wormologist."

OutdoorLife Magazine


"Just downloaded African Nightcrawlers Ebook. Bruce your books are so easy to read and follow, you are so detailed without being so technical like some books I have read. All other books are now in back on bookshelf. Thanks for sharing info."

Sharon J.


What's Inside The Book?


Raising African Nightcrawlers shows anyone, even the beginner how to raise these worms which are the best fishing, composting and worm casting producers.

The book shows how to make simple worm bins from Rubbermaid style bins, step by step with pictures to illustrate each step. Also gives rough outline for building a stacking tray system.

You get all the information from The Worm Guy in this book including where and how to sell your worms and worm castings should you wish to!

Bruce aka The Worm Expert takes you step by step and even offers a trouble shooting guide for your worms and steps to help prevent it.

Learn how to speed the growth of African nightcrawlers especially when top feeding by not following the directions listed on the bag!

What Others Are Saying About This Book...


Great info on raising the African nightcrawler worms. I have put this method to the test and it works. I am now the envy of my fishing buddies with my eight inch nightcrawlers that "lure" fish better and are more active then what they purchase at the local sports supply store.

Robert S. Bishop ~ SC


Thanks Bruce!

My wife and I are greatful for this information. The amount of materials we are able to compost and quality of the worm castings in unbelievable.

If anyone has any doubts, please don't hesitate to inform them as to what my wife and I have found by using your simple yet effective system for raising African nightcrawlers.

S. B. Johnson ~ OK


Bonus 1

Includes directions for you or your customers on how to use your worm castings broken down into a variety of different types of plants. Also receive a couple simple recipes to make your own worm tea!

Bonus 2

Includes plans for the easy to build Worm Harvester 200 made from simple items such as bicycle rims, hand drill to run the machine...

Worm Harvester Plans



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